Matt and Kim - Let's Run Away - Official Music Video

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Matt and Kim - Let's Run Away - Official Music Video

We decided to throw our hat in the ring and make a video using the "Centriphone" camera technique discovered by Nicolas Vuignier while skiing. (With a couple modifications.) "Let's Run Away" is from our new E.P. called WE WERE THE WEIRDOS. Check it out on SPOTIFY: APPLE MUSIC: GOOGLE PLAY: AMAZON: A wooden coat hanger, some fishing wire, and a GoPro... that’s what we used to shoot this video No we haven’t been watching a lot of MacGyver (i mean that dude could have made a CAR out of those 3 things) BUT we DID see the camera technique discovered earlier this year by Nicolas Vuignier while skiing which he coined “Centriphone.” Yet, we figured out by using a coat hanger instead of a 3D printed "vessel" to hold your camera, you could get the wires to disappear and to use a GoPro instead of an iPhone for the camera would be safe if it accidentally goes flying off your roof and lands in your neighbors backyard (which happened to us.) We had such a great time shooting this... Just the two of us with a camera on a coat hanger, running around Brooklyn like a couple of idiots. Hope all is awesome, Matt (and Kim) TOUR DATES: INSTAGRAM: TWITTER: SNAPCHAT: @MattandKim FACEBOOK: FADER LABEL: Nicolas Vuignier's Centriphone video!


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